Stock trading
Use advanced trading tools and indicators to
control and manage your risk. Pre-define the
"stop-loss" and "take-profit" functions in
order to avoid losses more than you can afford.
History of stock trading
Companies that go public through an IPO become available to the public through their public shares. When the public invests in a company's shares, the value of the company rises, and hence the total value of the shares rises. Investors always diversify their portfolio with cannibal stocks to increase their opportunities. The movement of stock prices affects the value of the company up or down.

To trade stocks, people turn to online trading companies like us. You will trade stocks and other assets on our Webtrader online trading platform. Shares can be traded directly or through CFDs. Speculate on their price directly or through a CFD on the opening and closing prices. Both options have great benefits, but it depends on which option you are more familiar with.

Stocks are listed on stock exchanges depending on the industry they belong to. The exchange on which a stock is listed affects many of the characteristics of a stock. For example, trading hours, opening times, breaks and closings. Some markets also have pre-sales and after-sales.
Live stock quotes
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